Retail Pharmacist Jobs

Amherst Healthcare specializes in hospital pharmacist jobs, but we do on occasion pick up pharmacist jobs for Retail Pharmacists. We often find Retail pharmacy manager jobs as well as Retail Staff Pharmacist jobs. The majority of the retail pharmacist jobs the we work with will require some type of prior experience in retail pharmacy either as a Pharmacy Intern or real experience as a licensed pharmacist in a retail pharmacy store. Sometimes the position will be for a Floater Pharmacist who will travel to different stores and cover when the pharmacies are short staffed. These are all full time permanent pharmacist jobs with full benefits. The ideal candidate is a licensed pharmacist in that state with the open pharmacist job and it will also be a pharmacist with a stable work history. By stable work history, we are searching for retail pharmacists who have been in the same pharmacist job for multiple years and those with great references. Having great references is essential to being represented by our firm. We only represent the best of the best pharmacists, so if we choose to work with you, you must have your A-Game!